Big Day

I’d like to interrupt my regularly scheduled blog post to tell y’all about the amazing, very good, happy day I had today.

Most of the people I talk to on regular basis know that I have recently jumped headfirst into reading romance novels. I prefer historical fiction that takes me to far away times and places like Victorian era England, The Old West, or even early New Orleans. One of the authors I have read the most is Beverly Jenkins. Her steamy novels have made me laugh, cry, and think about Black history that is rarely shared.

A few months ago I saw that Beverly was going to be speaking at a literary brunch at a church in Charleston. I was unsure about going and asked friends if it was silly to drive all that way and to their credit, they said it was obvious I should go. I am so glad I listened to my friends.

The event was held in the church’s recreation center/fellowship hall and there were dozens upon dozens of women there (I’m not great at judging crowd size). Catering was provided by a local eco-friendly company that decorated with lovely sweetgrass baskets and flowers. Hosted by a local women’s organization, the event proceeds were going toward their work with local children. I also happened to sit at a table with a group of women who are romance writers themselves.

So to recap:

  1. I was seeing one of my favorite authors and getting my books signed
  2. In a church fellowship hall
  3. I got to eat good food
  4. There were mostly seasoned women in attendance
  5. I got to chat with romance writers and nerd out over our favorite heroines


Beverly gave a short talk and highlighted two historical figures that are not often mentioned, Charlotte E. Ray and Bass Reeves. She also patiently answered questions but let us know that we wouldn’t do that part all day. Before the event the M.C. leading the program took a moment to acknowledge the oldest woman in the room. She asked if anyone there was in her 90s and there was lovely woman of 94 years in attendance and she was given flowers.

There was so much love in that room.

I feel blessed to have been there to touch and agree with so many women. It is so important to make sure that we give people their flowers while they can enjoy them and I hope Beverly could feel the love radiating toward her.


Talk to you later,