Cross Stitching

I have never been accused of being a patient person. As I’ve gotten older most of my impatience is reserved for myself, not others. Thank goodness for growth.

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I have dabbled in crocheting by creating an ill-fitting hat or crooked scarf so cross stitching seemed like a natural next step for a skill to learn. I’m not sure if you all are as into millennial hygge Instagram as I am, but cross stitching has become a new craze that offers quippy phrases and fun avocado patterns.

Cross stitching was a task that forced me to do a few things that don’t come naturally to me: slow down, start-over, and deal with a sub-par product.

I went to Joann’s Fabric, obviously, and bought a kit that included a pattern (that I thought was simple), an embroidery needle, fabric, and threading floss. The directions included in the kit left a lot to be desired they didn’t make a lot of sense to me so I just decided that I would jump in head first. After about 15 minutes and 10 ragged stitches later I decided to go to YouTube and see what the internet had to offer. I found a tutorial that was helpful and I was able to start-over and stitch away.

Well, I don’t know if you all know this but there is a quite a bit of spatial reasoning and math involved in cross stitching. After several hours of work over a few days I realized  that I had messed up my pattern so greatly there was no point of return so I had to take out the unsalvageable old thread and create a whole new project off of the top of my head.

After few more days of work I got this out of my efforts.



I leave this skill feeling proud of my accomplishment, in that I could probably do this again and be better at it, but unmoved. Maybe I’ll glean some big lesson from it later. Do y’all want to just make biscuits again?

Talk to you later,


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